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News from week beginning 4th June

In Phonics, the Reception children continued practising using sound mats to support their writing, they read and wrote words containing consonant clusters (frog, pond), using the interactive whiteboard for some fun reading games and focussed on the tricky word ‘were’. The Year One children learned the ‘ar’ phoneme and all the alternative ways of spelling it (al in calf, a in rather, are in are!) and the alternative spelling of the ‘s’ phoneme (ss in kiss, sc in scientist, c in princess).

In Maths, the children learned about sharing and division and had great fun sharing our teddies, beads and fruit and talking about what is fair and equal. They used the iPad app ‘Maths Bingo’ to practise their dividing skills and had a brilliant time!

In English they shared their half term news by having a circle time then writing about it. We read the beautifully illustrated book, Rainbow Fish, and looked at strange sea creatures on the internet. The children decided that they wanted to make their own crazy sea creatures and the classroom ended up full of pom poms, sequins, sparkly paper, animal print card, tissue paper, pipe cleaners, scissors and glue. They had a ball and the creatures were fabulous! The next day we thought about what we wanted to for our class assembly next week and, without giving too much away, the children did some amazing writing, full of adjectives.

The children had a lovely session learning about the musical texture. They each chose an instrument and we all listened and tried to describe the type of sound it made, the texture. The children loved this and came up with great words to describe the texture of each sound. They did some coding on the iPad app, Scratch Jnr.

The highlight of the week has to be welcoming the new additions to our Acorn family – please ask your child to tell you about them!

Have a super weekend!

The Acorn Team

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