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News from week beginning 7th May

A short week in Acorn class this week but it was still a week jam-packed with activities!


In Phonics this week the Reception children continued to read and write words containing consonant clusters such as brunch and lost and continued to develop their sentence writing by remembering to use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces in their work. In Year One the children focused on the th sound which is often confused with the f sound, revised the three r sounds r, rr and wr and read a variety of nonsense words in preparation for the Phonics Check next month.


In Maths we had a brilliant time learning about money. The children had to buy objects from a shop using the correct change; made playdoh coins; matched coins to number cards and played a coin converter game where they investigated what coins made 10p, to name just a few activities.


In English we read the lovely story ‘The Way Back Home’  by Oliver Jeffers. This inspired some wonderfully descriptive and imagainative writing when the children re-wrote the beginning, middle and end of the story and we are so proud of how well their writing is coming along.


In other news we made the most of the sunshine in PE and went out on to the field with as much equipment as we could carry and had a marvellous time hula-hooping, practising our tennis skills, skipping, playing football and using the plastic lacrosse sets! Also, we continued our broad bean diaries in Science and in Computing we learnt to use the keyboard and the mouse.


Have a lovely weekend.


The Acorn Team 🙂



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