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News from week beginning 19th March

This week we had another busy week in Acorn Class despite the flurry of snow that gave us a short day on Monday!


In Phonics this week the Reception children practised the Alphabet Rap and had a brilliant time hunting around the classroom for objects that used different digraph and trigraph sounds that we have learnt. We also revised our newest tricky words like ‘all’ and ‘her’ by playing bingo and have been working hard to develop our independent sentence writing. Thank you to all the parents who came to the Show and Tell session on Thursday morning, we hope you enjoyed it and found it useful. In Year One the children looked at the alternative igh sounds ie as in pie, y as in sky, i as in kind and i-e as in kite. They also looked at the alternative f sounds ph as in dolphin and gh as in rough and looked at what happens to the meaning of a word when we add ‘un’ to the start.


In Maths this week the children enjoyed estimating or making a clever guess about how many objects they could see before checking and counting them and we also counted in 10’s. Once the children were confident counting in 10’s from 10 we then practised from different numbers, for example from 6 we counted 6, 16, 26…


In English this week our work took a geographical focus. First we talked about the difference between physical and human features of an environment and sorted pictures into the correct category. Next we looked around the school grounds for human and physical features of our environment taking pictures on iPads. Then we went for a walk around Thornford noting physical and human features on our way. Finally we looked at different maps and then worked as a team to make a map of Thornford using props, we had great fun!


In other news our RE learning this week focused on Palm Sunday; in Computing we looked at using the keyboard and we also enjoyed using the Big Bikes after playing dodgeball in PE on Tuesday.


Another busy and fun week in Acorn Class this week and only one more left before the Easter holidays, hooray!


Have a lovely weekend.


The Acorn Team 🙂

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