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News from week beginning 8th January

It’s been a week of snails, whales and subtraction in Acorn Class this week…


In phonics the Reception children learnt to write the tricky words you and my, revised the short oo sound as in book and learnt the ar sound (e.g. star) and the oi sound (e.g. soil). In Year One the children looked at the alternative ai sound ay as in play, the alternative ow sound ou as in cloud and the alternative ee sound ea as in clean. They also learnt the tricky words oh, their and people and we talked about the difference between a question and a statement.


In English this week we read the story the Snail and the Whale and then drew storymaps to re-tell the story in pictorial form. We then decided to change the characters, problem and solution in the story to our own inventions and then re-wrote the story using our changes. For example, our class story was about a crab and a mermaid, sadly the crab got caught in a fishing net but luckily the mermaid came to its rescue with a pair of scissors which she used to cut it out of the net!


In Maths we focused on subtraction with a number of activities including using the Maths Bingo subtraction app on the iPads; writing subtraction number sentences for a partner to solve and filling a 10 plate Numicon plate with pegs before rolling a die to take that number of pegs away.


In RE this week we thought about what friendship is and in Science this week we were describing and sorting materials. We also had a fabulous music session where we used instruments to accompany the story of the snail and the whale thinking about appropriate musical sounds for different parts of the story. It was LOUD!!!


There is a phonics show and tell session this Tuesday 16th January for RECEPTION parents from 9.00 till 9.40 am, hopefully lots of you will be able to attend.


Have a wonderful weekend.


The Acorn Team 🙂

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