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News from week beginning 4th December

We’ve had a fun and colourful week…

Acorn received a letter from Santa’s elves asking for our help to find Santa as he has gone missing! The children decided that a poster would alert lots of people to their plight and perhaps, if someone saw him, they could call the elves and hopefully bring him home safely before the big day. The children looked at maps, atlases and a globe to find the North Pole. They loved creating colourful, eye-catching, large-lettered posters…and the posters worked! He was found. Phew.

In Phonics this week the Reception children revised the digraphs ee, or and ai, and the trigraph igh. They also learned the new digraph oo – this is like the th digraph in that it has two different ways of pronouncing it (short as in book and long as in soon). Thank you to the parents who were able to come to the phonics show and tell session, the children were so chuffed to be able to show you their phonics learning and their Learning Diaries! The Year One children practised decoding real and nonsense words, used sound buttons and digraph and trigraphs lines, they wrote dictated sentences and used practical objects to look at the endings er and est (e.g. fresh, fresher, freshest bananas!).

The children were introduced to the artist Mondrian and we all talked about how he uses bold colours and simple shapes and the ‘space’ he uses in his art. The children then went onto creating their own Mondrian-inspired art. The pieces looks great!

In Maths the children learned about the difference between length and height and used cubes to measure everyday objects. Once the Year One children had mastered using the non-standard units to measure the glue sticks and tables etc, they went on to use rulers to measure using standard units, i.e. cms.

The highlight of the week was the afternoon Mick the Magician came to the new hall and the whole school had a mad, loud and hilarious time. The children came back to class with flushed cheeks, crazy hair and enormous smiles on their faces!

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Have a super weekend!

The Acorn Team

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