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News from week beginning 27th November

It has been an amazing week. The highlight was the Thornford’s Got Talent contest. The children were confident and enthusiastic in their performances, for many of them it was the first time they had been on a stage!

Here are Acorn’s Thornford’s Got Talent performers! IMG_5692 IMG_5694 IMG_5695 IMG_5697 IMG_5705 IMG_5708


The water in our water tray froze over and the children loved feeling the ice. They asked if they could take it out and play with it on the ground. Please see the main photo for the fun they had stamping on it – they were whooping with joy!

In Phonics the Reception children continued to revise the digraphs ng, sh, th and ch. Some children are still getting these mixed-up, especially sh and ch as those are pronounced only slightly differently. They revised all the tricky words learned so far and also learned the new one – ‘you’. The Year One children had an assessment, which had them reading the top 200 high frequency words. Some of them were not spotting the digraphs or trigraphs consistently, instead sounding out every letter when they read unknown words, so we had a big push on this this week. When they are reading their books at home, please can you encourage them to spot the digraphs and trigraphs before reading the words. As well as the usual revision of tricky words, another focus for the Year One children was split-digraphs, where adding an e at the end of the word makes the previous vowel say its name (note how you say the a in tap compared to when an e is added – tape).

In Maths we were continuing with our Talk for Maths focus, with the children chatting through addition number problems with partners and sharing their strategies. They love this! The Year Ones then went onto improving their mental fluency and understanding of numbers and their relationships by looking at inverse operations, for example 5+3=8, 8=3+5, 8-5=3 etc

The children used iPads and computers to create art-work on the Pic Collage app and Revelation Natural Art software. They discussed the Christmas story, particularly focussing on the gifts that baby Jesus was given. The children discussed then drew and labelled what they would give to baby Jesus if he was born where they lived.

In Science we used our senses to come up with adjectives to describe corn kernels…then we cooked popcorn! The children were so excited but went silent when they listened out for that first pop in the pan! They then compared the describing words for the kernels after they were cooked (one was even the simile ‘like a fluffy white cloud’). The children rather enjoyed eating the popcorn! They finished the morning with writing the instructions for making it. Please see the new photo gallery…

Thank you to the FTS for another fabulous Christmas Fayre – what a befitting end to a great week! Have a lovely weekend and hopefully see most of the Reception parents at the phonics session this coming Friday.

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