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News from week beginning 13th November

We had a lovely time this week revisiting the story The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark. The children created their own story plans, showing the beginning, middle and end of the story. They also thought about the facts they have learned from the story (e.g. badgers have white stripes on their noises to avoid being bumped into at night!). The children matched the different people baby barn owl Plop meets below his tree, to why they love the dark. The children created their own feather, wool and tissue paper Plops to go on the amazing classroom display.

In Phonics the Reception children learned the new sounds sh, th, ch and ng. The children learned that these are ‘digraphs’ and digraphs are ‘two letters that make one sound’. They also learned high frequency words and the tricky words we, me and be. The Year One children mainly focussed on revising the tricky words they have learned already and learning some new ones: were, little, there and one. They also learned how to spell the number names zero – ten.

In Maths, the children created some Singapore Maths style ‘part-part-whole’ diagrams, showing numbers from a picture (e.g. a seaside picture showed some buckets, 4 were red and 3 were blue, how many buckets altogether?). The children are being encouraged to use talk partners to help them with their learning, with each child explaining to the other how they worked out a certain problem. See main photo for their focussed talking! Miss Cleal had the children doing some very active counting and adding out in the playground – it looked exhausting!

Outdoor counting!

Outdoor counting!

We had a visit from a VIP, Reverend Anderson, who talked with the children about the Christmas story – why we have stars and lights on our Christmas trees and why, traditionally, we have coal and oranges in our stockings! The children sat and listened so beautifully.

The Christmas Story with Reverence Anderson

The Christmas Story with Reverend Anderson

As it is Anti-Bullying Week we did some role-play linked with bullying. We discussed how each person in the scenario feels and how to make the situation better. We talked about the difference between being mean and bullying, using an acronym – bullying is STOP (Several Times On Purpose).

We look forward to seeing most of the YR parents this coming Friday for our phonics session.

Have a super weekend!

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