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News from week beginning 30th October

Welcome back to school, we hope you all had a wonderful half term 🙂


This week in Phonics the Reception children learnt the sounds j, v, w and x and revised all of the tricky words that we have learnt so far. In Year One we talked about what syllables are; looked at sneaky consonant sounds in words like ‘hand’ which we often sound out as ‘had’ and talked about the alternative ee sound e which we see in words like he, me, she, we and be.


In English we read the lovely story ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark’ and as the main character Plop the owl watched a firework display in the story, we decided to make glitter firework pictures and write firework sound describing words. These are proudly displayed in the conservatory so please feel free to take a peek at drop-off time. We also discussed what the characters and setting are in a story and the Year One children wrote what their happiest part of the book was and why.


In Maths the concept of addition was introduced to the Reception children and consolidated with the Year One children. The Reception children absolutely loved using the Maths Bingo app on the iPads and we also told addition number stories using various objects including teddy bears, koalas and dinosaurs!


Thank you for all the containers that the children brought in to make their musical shakers with which we had a fabulous time designing and then making in what was a rather noisy D&T session!! In other news in RE we learnt about looking after God’s world and in PE we had lots of fun with hula hoops this week…


We hope you all have a wonderful weekend after a very busy and happy week in Acorn class.


The Acorn Team

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