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News from week beginning 16th October

The last week of this half term, some Acorn’s first half term ever, has been amazing.

It was super to see all the parents at the Parent Consultations. It was fascinating hearing about the children from your perspectives and it was lovely to be able to let you know how they are settling in from our perspective.

In phonics, the Reception children learned four new sounds, f/ff, l/ll, b and h. They are really starting to come along with their sounding out and blending together of words, in their reading and writing. They were also introduced to two new ‘tricky words’, ‘no’ and ‘go’. The Year One children had a consolidation week, going over what they see as the trickier digraphs and trigraphs (two letters that make one sound and three letters that make one sound, respectively) and all the ‘tricky words’ they have learned so far. They also learned about compound words (two or more words that are joined together to create a new word that has an entirely new meaning e.g. lipstick, butterfly).

In Maths, we were comparing and ordering numbers, and discussing ‘more’ and ‘counting on’.  The children were jumping forwards on number lines and, Year Ones, 100 squares. Some Reception children continued to practise their touch-counting, using online maths games.

In English the children had a variety of experiences, starting with reading Julia Donaldson’s wonderful book, Stick Man and creating and writing about their own stick and leaf creatures. Handling and using these natural things not only inspired some beautifully creative art, but also some wonderful writing. We also read and performed some poems about bears – ask them if they remember the words and actions. The children wrote get well soon cards to Sidney (our phonics puppet snake) as he was feeling poorly with a cold. They came up with some gorgeous ideas as to how to make him feel better, including giving him medicine, a cuddle from his Mum and ice-cream! While one group were writing their get well messages, the others were practising their mark-making skills outside in glitter, in paint at the easel and in chalk on the blackboard (see main photo and below) – and then they swapped. They particularly enjoyed the outdoor role play area where they had first aid kits, doctor’s outfits and some very poorly cuddly toys. Some were very keen to write prescriptions for the toys, even into break-time!

Which letters can you write in the glitter?

Which letters can you write in the glitter?

Can you write 'get' in chalk and paint?

Can you write ‘get’ in chalk and paint?


Can you find the g, e and t stones in the water?

Can you find the g, e and t stones in the water?

The children had a super ‘reflection time’, looking at an awe-inspiring photo of fireworks. They were encouraged to think quietly and carefully about what they can see, how the photo made them feel and whether it reminded them of anything from their own lives. This is one of the staff’s favourite activities as it is amazing how insightful such young children can be.

Well done to the Reception children and parents for a thoroughly successful transition from nurseries and playgroups to the first 7 weeks of school. They are a lovely group. The Year one children are settling down into their roles as ‘big boys and girls’ and becoming wonderful role models for the younger ones.

Have a deservedly relaxing half term and we look forward to seeing you all when we return.

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