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News from week beginning 2nd October

What a great first week with a full family of Acorns from Monday to Friday! The Reception children have been fabulous and bright and sparky right to the end!

The Reception children learned three new sounds – o, c and k. They played I Spy and games on the interactive TV, they used their robot arms to read and write a variety of words and practised reading high frequency words such as at, in and and it. The Year One children revised the sounds ow, oi and ear and some tricky words.

In Maths we had a very practical and colourful week learning about repeated patterns. They printed shape patterns to make birthday wrapping paper, created patterns using Numicon and peg boards and even made clapping patterns! The children loved watching an hilarious Sesame Street video where the characters made repeated patterns using bottle tops and paper clips then various farm animals!

In English we looked at imperative verbs (‘bossy verbs’) and how they are used in instructions. The children thought carefully about how they get ready in the morning and the order in which they do so. The Reception children glued a mixed-up set of morning instructions into the correct order while the Year Ones wrote their instructions. We also thought about how we keep our bodies healthy, not just getting enough sleep, eating healthily, drinking water and exercising but also washing our hands and coughing and sneezing into our elbows.

They reviewed their Play Doh animals that they designed and made last week, thinking really carefully about what they would do next time if they were to do it again for example, would they make the giraffe’s neck longer? Would they use tools to make the snake’s skin patterned? The children had a super time practising forward rolls in PE – lots of photos were taken for their Learning Diaries showing all sorts of body positions! They went in teams for a senses walk and noted down what they could hear, see, touch and smell on the field. It was the Reception girls’ first time at Show and Tell with us and they all had lots to say, some had to be encouraged to stop when their time was up!

We hope you enjoyed the Harvest Festival and newcomers service in the church today – the children had tried their hardest in the practices and it paid off as they performed amazingly. We were very proud!

Have a relaxing weekend

The Acorn Team

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