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News from week beginning 26th June

We’ve had a jam-packed week!

Our trip to Gore Farm was wet but wonderful! The children didn’t let the constant rain affect them and they had a super time – holding animal skulls, identifying the trees by their leaves, finding and catching mini-beasts (by the way, centipedes who don’t want to be caught are super fast!), going on a noisy, bumpy but hilarious tractor trailer ride then pond-dipping and finding newts and froglets. Thank you again to the parents who kindly helped, especially considering the weather! Please see our photo gallery – you might see your child among the hoods!

In English we looked back at the photos we took at Gore Farm and wrote recounts of our day. The children were really motivated with their writing, excited to be recounting a fun day. They used lovely time language (first, next, finally) and some fantastic adjectives to describe the events of the day.

In Maths we learned about multiplication, we paired socks (x2), looked at gloves (x5) and searched around the school for arrays (things with rows and columns that can be used to demonstrate multiplication). We will continue this lovely Maths topic next week.

In Science, the children watched a video about grouping animals by what they eat and then sorted animal cards into herbivore, carnivore and omnivore groups. Please ask them how we discussed remembering which was which…one involved your cooking and another, an Italian word!

The children were beside themselves with excitement when they spotted a hand-sized toad in the KS1 playground! He sat there, chewing on his latest snack, nonchalantly surveying the excitable humans around him. He was fabulous!

We spent some time in Josie’s Garden (see main photo), reflecting on: ‘If God made the world, who made him?’. The children were thoughtful, surprising and touching in their answers. Please ask your child to share with you their thoughts on this ‘Big Question’.

Have a super weekend and we look forward to seeing you next week, particularly at the Summer Fayre on Friday!

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