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News from week beginning 12th June

We’ve had a very multicultural week this week – the children from Hudimesnil came to visit so we had a chance to practice saying “Bonjour!” a lot! The highlight of the week was when Madame Stephanie came into our class and read us a Tony Ross story…in french! Here we are transfixed…

Wash Your Hands by Tony Ross in French!

Wash Your Hands by Tony Ross in French!

The Reception children continued learning to read and write words with consonant clusters, concentrating on the digraph ar as the children found this a little tricky last week. Year One children practised and practised for their phonics check and they did us proud when they did the real thing! Well done children!

The children wrote their stories based around the Monkey See, Monkey Do story from three weeks ago. They were fabulous! In Maths, we finished off on place value (tens, ones and hundreds).

We finished off our nasturtium plant diaries – see the main photo for the Year One children measuring the height of them with rulers! We hope you enjoy the plants at home. We also had a whole Science morning discussing which animals are amphibians, reptiles, mammals, fish and birds. Please ask them what a bat is (bird because of its wings?) and what a whale is (a fish because it lives in the sea?).

Enjoy the sunny weekend!

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