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News from week beginning 24th April

We started the week with lots of enthusiasm and news from Easter. The children independently wrote a recount of their Easter break and we were so impressed with their confidence in their writing. What a lot of adventures they had too!

In phonics the Reception children learned to read the tricky words ‘have’, ‘like’, ‘come’ and ‘some’ and learned to write the tricky words ‘was’ and ‘you’. There was a focus on reading and writing words with consonant clusters (e.g. frog, crash). The Year One children learned the ‘nk’ sound and revised the alternative spellings for the ‘ow’ sound (e.g. clown, loud) – they tried to work out which ‘looked right’ out of loud/lowd and clown/cloun. They learned the tricky words ‘thought’, ‘through’, ‘work’ and ‘mouse’.

In Maths we focussed on estimating and adding one and ten to numbers. We looked at the patterns on a 100 square and used number crosses to clearly see a number in relation to others that are one less and one more (to the left and right of it) as well as ten less and ten more (above and below it).

The children loved playing tag rugby in PE as much as the adults did – we had some super catchers and dodgers! We brainstormed all the plants we knew (one child came up with Venus Flytrap!) then went on a plant hunt around the field and garden. We even found some whitebells!

They have been making flowers out of Play Doh and thinking about their most ‘special’ day of the week and why (this will lead into learning about Shabbat next week, which is a special day for Jewish people). The children used iPads to Google their favourite plant, took a screen grab then used the Pic Collage app to manipulate it and label it.

We hope you have a wonderful long weekend

Mrs Pink, Mrs Cheyne and Mrs Dennett


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