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News from week beginning 3rd April

What a busy last week of term…

We went on an Easter egg hunt around the small playground and made finger and thumb print Easter cards, which have hopefully reached you all safely. We also had a visit from Reeve the Baker on Wednesday afternoon and took part in Easter journey morning where we moved around the school to 4 different stations which each covered a part of the Easter story. Finally, today we had our school Easter service and Eco Walk, all in all a jam-packed week of activities!

Amongst all the excitement phonics sessions continued for both Reception and Year One. Reception children are now working on Phase 4 of the Letters and Sounds programme and this week we focussed on reading and writing Consonant Vowel Consonant Consonant (CVCC) words such as tent and pond. We talked in particular about how the third sound in CVCC words is very cheeky and is very easily missed when we try to write the word down. We also learnt the tricky words said and so. The Year One children revised the alternative ways of writing the oo digraph, for example ue as in statue; they looked at split digraph sounds like the o-e in hope and looked at the alternative n sounds kn, gn and nn.

We hope you have a lovely and sunny Easter Holidays and look forward to seeing you all next term. Happy Holidays!

Mrs Pink, Mrs Cheyne and Mrs Dennett 🙂


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