Acorn class

News from week beginning 27th March

We started the week listening to the funny story ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ – please ask your children what happens in it, particularly the ‘seagull’ problem and the ‘mustard’ solution! The children then designed and labelled their own disgusting sandwich. They went on to re-write the story, using fabulous openers such as ‘luckily’ and ‘unfortunately’.

In Maths we learned about 3D shapes, firstly we blew into a bag of 2D shapes and were amazed that we had blown them up into 3D shapes! We went for 3D shape hunts around the school, printed with them, sorted them into shape houses and some children made cubes from nets.

A parent came into school and made clay pinch egg cups with all the children (see featured photo) – the children loved it! They started with a sphere of clay then pushed their thumbs into the middle, pinched their way around the edges then decorated the outside with shape stamps. We can’t wait to paint them next week!

In Phonics, the Reception children revised letter names, practised the alphabet rap, wrote some lovely sentences using tricky words and trigraphs and played bingo! Year One children practised all the tricky words they have learned and the phonemes ‘oa’ (‘oa’ sound in shadow, gloat, told, throne and don’t) and ‘m’ (‘m’ sound in mouse, summer and thumb). Please ask them the rule about ‘v’ sounds at the end of English words!

We heard the Easter story from Palm Sunday right the way through to the resurrecti0n. We talked about how they felt at the point when Jesus died and how they felt once he came alive again. The children were very thoughtful explaining their feelings.

The children had their hands caked in pastry dough today! It was fabulous. They made cheese straws from scratch (no pre-made pastry dough or food processors to be seen!). They used their finger tips to make the butter and flour into breadcrumbs then they watched the egg being separated (badly!). They helped stir the egg yolks into the dry mixture and rolled the dough. We believe their favourite part was the eating though! Please see the gallery for photos.

Have a great weekend

Mrs Pink, Mrs Cheyne and Mrs Dennett


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