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News from week beginning 20th March

What a fabulous and charitable week we’ve had!

The children absolutely loved watching Elm Class perform the samba music they have been learning for the last ten weeks. The level of focus and accuracy Elm children showed with their playing was inspirational. Acorn children (and staff!) couldn’t help but smile and jiggle around to the powerful samba music. The day after, we couldn’t resist getting some drums, shakers and bells to do an Acorn version in class, complete with Mrs Cheyne blowing her whistle four times to signal the start of the performance! Ask your children what the memory-aid phrases were – especially the “wet fish, hot chicken” one!

In Phonics, the Reception children revised syllables and were clapping to help them work out the number of syllables in their names, objects around the class and the animal names in a lovely video. Year One children practised working out where to put full stops (where they take a breath!), drawing the sound buttons and digraph/trigraph lines on some nonsense word cards.  They learned the endings ‘er’, ‘ing’ and ‘ed’ with the help of some role play, and practised their letter formation using the ‘soil, grass and sky’ sheets.

In English the children learned about the poet/author, Michael Rosen, and loved seeing a video of him performing one of his poems. They wrote facts about him from their research and read many of his poems and the classic ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’.

In Maths we were data collecting in the form of tally charts and putting the information into bar graphs. The children loved interviewing each other about their favourite ice-cream flavour – very important research!

Mrs Brooking spent an afternoon with Acorn and introduced the children to the artist, Henri Matisse, and his use of bold colours. Then they tried their hand at creating their own ‘Snail’ using swirling ripped or cut squares of brightly coloured paper – they look amazing!

The children were very excited about the red noses they bought during the week and, as if that wasn’t enough, they then walked around the Dragon’s Den fair and bought what they wanted, to support Comic Relief. Thank you for your donations to this brilliant and life-changing charity.

Have a super weekend!

Mrs Pink, Mrs Cheyne and Mrs Dennett

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