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News from week beginning 13th March

We have had another busy week this week!

In phonics, the Reception children learned about two-syllable words such as ‘looking’ and ‘starlight’. We clapped the syllables in the words to help us read and write them and enjoyed applying our knowledge of digraphs and trigraphs when doing so. We also learned the tricky word ‘her’ and practised the alphabet rap, learning the names of the letters. The Year One children continued to work within Phase 5 in preparation for the phonics screening check.

In English we wrote a historical recount of the life and fame of Grace Darling. We found out about her daring rescue of some people who were in trouble in the water near the lighthouse where she lived and enjoyed using describing words in our writing to describe how brave Grace was in such a terrible storm.

In Maths, we revised our knowledge of subtraction to help us with our Quick Maths. When doing this we went onto the playground to chalk subtraction number sentences; pretended to be naughty pirates stealing treasure from a chest and rolled a die to see how many pegs to take away from a Numicon plate that we had filled up with pegs.

In other news in PE this week we had a special visit from a tennis coach who put on a taster tennis lesson for us which we all loved! We also made junk model lighthouses in Let’s Explore for a Grace Darling themed display in the classroom.

We hope you enjoyed your extra day off today. Have a great weekend!

Mrs Pink, Mrs Cheyne and Mrs Dennett

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