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News from week beginning 6th March

We have had a super fun week this week. After making and painting our superhero cars last week, we finished them off by adding the wheels. We even had an extra Let’s Explore activity the next afternoon to whizz them across the floor to each other! We were very proud to show them off to the children, staff and parents in collective worship.

In phonics, the Reception children revised the sounds air, ear, ure and er and wrote a silly sentence about a girl eating a ladder for her dinner! We went over all the tricky words we have learned and practised the alphabet rap, learning the names of the letters. The Year One children looked at the two subtly different ways of pronouncing the ‘ew’ grapheme (compare the ‘ew’ sound in threw and new), the ways of writing the ‘ai’ phoneme (e.g. in ate, tail, say, eight, lady and prey), the ways of writing the ‘c’ phoneme (e.g. in cat, lick, kit, box, school and queen), discussed plurals and the two different ways of writing and saying the endings (e.g. boxes compared with dogs) and finally they all had a practice phonics check. They all tried their hardest and we were very proud!

In History they learned about Grace Darling and her heroic antics. We will be finding out even more and writing about her in English next week. In computing we learned about turning on the computers, logging on and shutting down. In RE we heard the bible story of Palm Sunday and discussed the ways the people welcomed Jesus (waving palm leaves, putting coats on the ground, cheering) and we compared that with how we welcome another special person nowadays, the Queen. We wave flags rather than palm leaves but there were lots of similarities.

In English we came up with questions about a material, researched them on the iPads then wrote the answers and any extra facts we could find. The children loved being material detectives!

In Maths, we had a fabulous time learning about time! We made paper plate clocks, a giant Numicon clock with kitchen roll hands, we used toy clocks to make o’clock times and the Year One children were extended to tell and draw the time to half past.

What an exhausting and fun week! Have a great weekend

Mrs Pink, Mrs Cheyne and Mrs Dennett


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