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News from week beginning 23rd January

We have a had an action-packed week!

The Reception children learned the three trigraphs, ear, air and ure (ask them to do the actions, particularly the ure one!). They also learned the digraph er and tricky word they. The Year One children learned ph, wh, ew and ue digraphs as well as the tricky words and/or high frequency words said, have, so and like.

English was so much fun this week. The children learned about how to write instructions in the form of a recipe…a chocolate krispie cake recipe! They made the delicious cakes, ate them (obviously!) then wrote the instructions making sure they included the numbers and the bossy verbs or ‘commands’.

In Maths they learned about ordinal numbers and had fun putting themselves in lines and working out who was first, thirteenth, last etc. They made necklaces with beads and talked about which colour the 6th bead was.

The children were shown and handled examples of superhero cars to inspire them to design a fabulous one when they were given their Plan, Do, Review books. They were so excited and came up with amazing designs, with labels showing what they were going to make each part from. Thank you to those who have already sent in their boxes and/or coffee cups ready to make the superhero cars.

In Science, the children handled then described a variety of materials – they thought that metal is ‘cold’ and glass makes a ‘tingy’ sound! We also learned about the bible story of Jesus with his friends, Mary and Martha – he taught us to stop worrying about tidying, cleaning and preparing for dinner and to spend TIME with him instead! Sounds lovely!

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Pink, Mrs Cheyne and Mrs Dennett

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