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News from week beginning 28th November

Thank you to those who came out in the freezing cold to attend our Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation information evening. The children loved demonstrating the techniques we use with them in class.

We had a very exciting visitor this week. The school nurse talked to us about how important it is to wash our hands, particularly at this time of year. She showed us the 8 different aspects of really good hand washing, including pretending to hold a little spider in one palm at a time – please ask your child to demo! The children were enthralled, they sat beautifully and asked questions that were mainly about the hand washing!

In Phonics the Reception children revised the trickier digraphs from two weeks ago – th, sh, ng and ch. The children are starting to use the sounds in their writing which is lovely to see. They also learned the tricky word, you. Year one children revised nonsense words, syllables, Phase 4 tricky words and split digraphs.

In English the children used their changes to the Princess and the Pea story from last week to write the beginning, middle and end of their own stories. The Reception children were bursting with joy that they had written their first story ever!

In Maths we investigated length and height – please ask your children which one is bottom up and which one is from side to side. They loved going round the classroom, choosing an object then measuring it with multilink cubes. The Year Ones used rulers and felt very grown up!

We used Google to find out information about one of our favourite authors, Julia Donaldson. They wrote facts in their books, such as she has brown hair, she was born in London and has three sons. Then they sat in pairs and read her books to each other.

Continuing from our learning about the Christmas story we talked about the tradition of buying new babies presents and sending them cards. We looked at new baby cards on the interactive TV and discussed the colours and images that are usually on them. They made their own cards and wrote Mary and Joseph a congratulations message inside!

Mrs Marks came into school and explained the symbolism of Christingles then made Christingles with the children – they came back with sticky orange juice and jelly tot hands!

The children who performed in Thornford’s Got Talent were amazing. They were so brave. They confidently stood on stage and sang, told jokes and danced to the whole school. Please look at our photo gallery to see them in action. The children who didn’t perform were so supportive of their class friends, cheering them on enthusiastically!

Have a super weekend

Mrs Pink, Mrs Cheyne and Mrs Dennett


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