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News from week beginning 10th October

This week we continued our work on the Julia Donaldson book, The Paper Dolls. The children enjoyed talking about their houses because the little girl’s house is the setting of the story and then painted their own houses. We lined their paintings up in two lines in the hall to create a street of houses and they then “walked down the street” and used their imagination and senses to describe what they could hear, see and smell.

In Maths we were creating and recreating repeating patterns and seeing what repeating patterns we could spot in the environment around us. It would be lovely if you could keep an eye out and see what patterns you can spy at home and when you are out and about this weekend.

Yr R children learned ck, e, u and r in phonics and the tricky words ‘the’ and ‘to’. We waved our tricky finger at the two tricky words and talked about how we can’t sound-out and blend these words to read them, we just have to know them. Keep an eye out for them when you are reading with your child and see if they can spot them in their book! A note for the ‘ck’ sound that we learnt on Monday… this is the first digraph that the children have been taught, digraph being the term for two letters that make one sound. When your children sound-out a word with the ‘ck’ sound in it they should just say the ‘ck’ sound once so that, for example, they say s-o-ck not s-o-c-k. I hope this makes sense, it should become clear when the children try to blend the sounds because if they say the ‘ck’ sound twice it won’t work! Yr 1 children revised the sounds air, ure and er and again revised tricky words.

The Y1 children also helped the Reception children to play Maths Bingo on the iPads today, which was a lovely example of peer teaching and was thoroughly enjoyed by all the children and staff.

Have a wonderful weekend, I look forward to seeing all of the children bright and early on Monday morning and many parents after school for the first of the Parent Consultation Evenings 🙂

Mrs Pink, Mrs Cheyne and Mrs Dennett

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