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News from week beginning 13th June

Acorns have been working really hard this week on their class assembly and the hard work paid off! The assembly went down a storm, particularly the children’s favourite part, them dancing to the rap song, Butterfly, at the end (see main photo). Caps on backwards, break dancing and everything!

They also learned more about missing numbers in number sentences and ‘no work’ calculations – the latter is using our knowledge about place value to just know that 20+5=25 without having to count on 5 from 20. We know we need to put the 5 in the ‘ones’ column, swapping the 5 and the 0 of the 20.

Our caterpillars have eaten all they need and are now cocoons hanging from the top of the pot. We aren’t getting the pot out to see them on the visualiser now as we know how fragile they are in this ‘changing’ time for them.

The Year One children had their national phonics check this week and they did us proud! They tried their hardest and really concentrated on the sounds in the test. The pass mark is not announced by the DfE for a while so Year One parents will find out the result in the end of year reports. The Reception children continued on Phase 4 of the Letters and Sounds programme, revising the more difficult digraphs and trigraphs (ow, ear, air, ure), more high frequency words, handwriting families and nonsense words.

Whilst I was administering the phonics check, Mrs Pink taught the class about the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah, using a fabulous Sesame Street depiction of the story.

One of the highlights of the week for the children and us was when we put each baby photo on the visualiser and the rest had to guess who it was. It was so funny, all were really cute and some hadn’t changed a bit! We then talked about the changes comparing the babies to now – this included curlier hair, freckles and fatter lips!

Have a wonderful weekend

Mrs Cheyne and Mrs Dennett

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