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News from week beginning 6th June

Mrs Pink and I had a final visit for the whole morning from the new Reception children coming to us in September. We did a circle-time name game, drew their faces on their peg labels ready for next year, they played on the ride-on toys outside and sang some action songs. We had a lot of fun and are starting to really see all their lovely characters.

In English we read the gorgeous Julia Donaldson book, Monkey Puzzle, in which one of the main characters, the butterfly, talks about how her babies don’t look like her. We had a look at some of the animals and creatures Axel Scheffler had drawn in the background and we imagined what they might be saying. We had a lot of fun with this and the children made us all laugh about what the grumpy bat and the confused ant might be saying. We created speech bubbles and the Year One children then ‘popped’ them to go into speech marks.

In Maths we learned strategies to help us work out missing numbers on 0-20 number lines and 100 number squares. We also learned about place value (tens and ones) – we did a fun activity where the children sat back-to-back in pairs and described a number by its tens and ones and their partner had to guess the number (see photo).

In phonics, the Year One children did some preparation for the forthcoming Phonics Check and worked really hard on the trickier phonemes. Reception children continued on Phase 4 of the Letters and Sounds programme, going over nonsense words and reading sentences with the help of Mr Thorne and Geraldine the Giraffe, from the TES website. They read and spelt tricky words as well as the next 100 high frequency words (found on the inside back cover of the home link books).

We had some super exciting visitors this week in the form of five black, bumpy caterpillars. They are currently in a pot with the food they need (which we think looks like caramel!) and every day we can see changes. They are spotty, much bigger and hairier now and we can’t wait until they go to the top of the pot and change into cocoons. We can’t stop putting them under the visualiser and zooming in so we can see them wriggling and eating. We are convinced one waved to us!

Have a great weekend

Mrs Cheyne and Mrs Dennett

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