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News from week beginning 5th May

In Science, we looked again at the parts of a plant but extended this to which parts we eat. We were astounded that we eat all the parts of the plant, depending on which vegetable or fruit it is. For example, we eat the roots of carrots, the leaves of lettuce, the flowers of cucumbers and the stems of celery. Next time you eat a fruit or vegetable, have a think about which part of the plant you are eating!

In Maths we had a very exciting, very practical time learning about weight and capacity. The children loved using the bucket balances to weigh everyday objects then the water and sand trays to experiment with finding out which containers held the most. By the end they were using some fabulous Maths vocabulary such as heavier, lightest, volume, capacity and half full. Luckily the week has been warm and sunny so the children dried out nicely after their water tray investigations!

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In Phonics, Y1 children revised nonsense words and why we need to be able to read them. They continued on Phase 5 of the Letters and Sounds programme, namely ‘oi’ (e.g.’oi’ spelling in spoil and toy) and ‘r’ (e.g. the ‘r’ spelling in very, berry and wrap). The Reception children continued on Phase 4 – they practised their handwriting, Mrs Dennett tested their listening and comprehension skills by asking them rather difficult questions after a shared read session and they seemed to start to grasp the split u digraph (e.g. cube, tune). They continued to concentrate on spelling tricky words in their writing, not just being able to read the tricky words in their books.

We continued our Literacy theme by reading then rewriting the Oliver Jeffers story, The Way Back Home. The children produced the best writing ever, with most of them going onto a second and even third A4 page. They were very proud, as were we!

Have a fabulous weekend

Mrs Cheyne and Mrs Dennett

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