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News from week beginning 25th April

We had a huge amount of fun this week…

We had another visit from the lovely children from Thornford playgroup, this time they came for a play with us during breaktime. They were a delight to watch running, balancing and jumping around the place!

In Literacy we learned all about one of Mrs Cheyne’s favourite authors, Oliver Jeffers. We searched on Google for information about him then watched a short film of him telling us all about what he does and what he likes. The children then wrote a list of facts about him in their books. It was interesting to see which facts they remembered, namely that he talks really fast and that he has a beard! We then read one of his stories, chosen by the children, and they came up with comprehension questions about the story.

In Maths, the Year One children used their strategies from last week to do ‘3 number’ addition number sentences really quickly. We realised that if we spot the number bonds and the doubles that we ‘just know’, and take the largest number first, we can work out addition answers as fast as lightning! Reception children tried really hard counting on and back in their heads.

In Phonics, Y1 children revised conjunctions (they used to be known as connectives), such as because and but, and they revised the handwriting families (e.g. curly caterpillar, zigzag). They continued on Phase 5 of the Letters and Sounds programme, namely ‘ow’ (e.g.’ow’ spelling in mouse and clown) and ‘ng/nk’ (e.g. the ng sound in drinking). The Reception children continued on Phase 4 – they practised their handwriting, played Jumbled Sentences on the iPads and revised the not-quite-secure-yet split u digraph (e.g. cube, tune). They concentrated on spelling tricky words in their writing, not just being able to read the tricky words in their books.

We learned all about the parts of a plant and their jobs. We watched a video about the Jewish celebration of Shabbat. A Jewish family told us all about Shabbat and showed us how they prepare for the Shabbat meal, which starts off the day of rest (from Friday evening to Saturday evening). Acorn children were particularly impressed/jealous of the fact that Jewish children are not allowed to do homework for the whole of Shabbat each week!

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Cheyne and Mrs Dennett

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