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News from week beginning 18th April

The Y1 children wrote their own nonsense words and drew the sound buttons and di and trigraph lines on each other’s. They continued on Phase 5 of the Letters and Sounds programme, namely ‘oo’ (e.g.’oo’ spelling in statue, flute, too and stew) and ‘n’ (e.g. ‘n’ spelling in gnome, knee, dinner and never). The Reception children continued on Phase 4 and they practised their handwriting, focussing on the tricky b and d mix ups and the j and g tails below the line. They did shared reading as a group and the whole week concentrated on the split vowel digraphs, ask them if you’re not sure what they are!

In Maths we were identifying the number facts we ‘just knew’ (e.g. number bonds to ten, doubles, one more) and those that we needed to work out, in our heads, with number lines and squares, or using our fingers. Then we used the ones we just knew to complete number sentences super quickly! We discussed the strategies we use in Quick Maths, it was really interesting listening to the children sharing their own ways of working out the answers and trying to put it into words.

In Literacy we brainstormed all the plants we knew then chose one and wrote questions we would like to know the answers to about that plant. We used iPads to research on Google then wrote three facts we had found out in a fact file. The children loved sharing their findings in front of the class. Ask them why roses have prickles (we found out they are not technically ‘thorns’), why petals close at night, how tall the tallest sunflower was, how many colours tulips come in and what happens to dogs and cats if they eat poppies!

The children had a fabulous time in PE, kicking balls into a mini goal in teams and doing running races. The Year One children learned how to change font type, colour and size as well as the crucial ‘Undo’ button!

The highlight this week is when we went on a hunt around the school grounds to tick off the different plants on their worksheet. They looked very important with their clipboards! They found so many different plants and they had to add more to the bottom of their sheet, including bluebells and daffodils.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Cheyne and Mrs Dennett

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