Welcome to Oak Class

Years 5 & 6

Teacher Mrs K Frost Lewis, Teaching Assistants Mrs K Davies and Mrs Z Dycer 

Welcome Back! Autumn term 2018

This term our theme is ‘Out of this World’. We shall be finding out about the Maya Civilisation and exploring Earth and Space.

Spring term 2018

Welcome back!

This term our theme is ‘Seeing the Light’. We shall be comparing Victorian school children’s lives at Thornford school with those of the present day. We would love to hear from any parents of grandparents who have memories of Thornford School.

Autumn term 2017

This term we shall be exploring The Groovy Greeks! In addition to finding out about Inheritance and Evolution in Science.

Oak Class Informationoak-leaf

Homework and Home Learning

Y5+Y6:   Please  make sure you continue to record your reading in your Home-link books ( at least 3 times per week ); to be  checked as part of our reading reward scheme.

Homework for Thursday 20.9.18.

Spelling: Y6 Amethysts  ambitious, cautious, fictitious, infectious, nutritious, fractious, ostentatious, vexatious, superstitious, conscientious.

Now choose 5 words and write a sentence for each.

Y6 SNIP group:  guard, site, goes, height, caught, said, queue, brief, huge,

Now choose 5 words and write a sentence for each.

Y5 Rubies and Sapphires:  telephone, telegraph, television, manufacture, manual, graphic, autograph, dictate, dictionary, bibliography.

Now choose 5 words and write a sentence for each.

Y5 SNIP group:  about, again, another, because, could, first, going, half, house.

Now choose 3 words and write a sentence for each.














Reading Rewards

Regular reading improves literacy, communication and social skills. We try to encourage home reading by using our reading rewards system. If pupils read regularly (three times a week) they can earn rewards, such as: stickers, bookmarks, rubbers and lucky dips. Please record reading in the  Reading and Home Link Book and remember to bring it in every Friday for checking. HAPPY READING !!

Year 5 Parent Information

Please not that in the Autumn term 2018 outdoor P.E. will be on Thursdays  and  indoor P.E. on Fridays; please make sure you have the correct kit in school.




 Year 6 Parent Information

Year 6 
Please note that outside P.E. will be on Thursdays and  indoor P.E. on Fridays; please make sure you have the correct kit in school.

Senior Pupil Award

Our philosophy is to challenge your children during their final years at primary school, so that they leave Thornford, knowing they have achieved their best, and are ready to access the demands of the secondary curriculum. This philosophy is nurtured through our commitment to personalised learning and systems designed to help your children achieve in a positive learning environment. For the Year 6 children, we have the senior pupil and playground Leader scheme to encourage leadership skills. Areas covered include: Personal Development – Being a member of the school council; taking part in a residential visit and good behaviour. School Commitment – Being a Playground leader and supporting the lunchtime supervisors; participating in clubs; raising money for charity. As a learner – Achieve a Gold Team point certificate; Achieve personal targets in English and Maths; undertake independent research (topic and personal project). Communication Skills – Help to sort out problems in school; Speak in front of an audience (assembly); show fair play and sportsmanship. Personal Presentation – Wear school uniform smartly; always have PE kit and appropriate footwear for lessons and matches; take pride in your environment and encourage others to do the same. Leadership skills – Cooperation with other pupils and adults; be a role model for younger children; reliability; building trust with pupils and adults and helping others. Senior Pupil Certificates will be awarded at the Leavers Service in July 2018. You can do it… Go for it!