elm-leafWelcome to Elm Class Years 3 & 4

Teachers: Mrs R Saunders and Mrs E Lewis
Teaching Assistants: Mrs E Young, Mrs Z Dycer and Mrs J Jeffery

Our Class Assembly

As part of our Ancient Egypt topic, Elm Class children performed a fun and exciting assembly on Friday 17th November. We are very proud of how clearly and confidently they all spoke and hope that parents and family members enjoyed sharing the children’s work with them. We have updated our gallery with some photos, both from the assembly, and of art activities going on in the classroom. Well done to all the children who dressed up and also those who tried new foods!

Our trip to the Tutankhamun Museum

On Tuesday 3rd October, Elm class visited the Tutankhamun Museum in Dorchester. We had such a brilliant day in Dorchester. We started the day by visiting the museum and having a chat about the history of the Ancient Egyptians. We looked at the ‘Mummy’ room and the fantastic replicas of the Antechamber, Burial Chamber and the Treasury. We were so impressed with the items in the treasury and imagined how Howard Carter felt when he made his famous discovery! We enjoyed our lunch in the park in Dorchester in the lovely sunshine. It was a brilliant day, which all of the children and staff thoroughly enjoyed! Please see our gallery for more pictures.

Investigating Air Resistance

In science this half term, we are learning about ‘Forces and Magnets’. Last week, we went outside to investigate and feel first hand the impact of air resistance. The children first ran across the playground without holding anything. Then they ran with an A4 piece of paper and then a large piece of card. It was interesting to feel the force of air resistance acting against the large sheet of card. Please see our gallery to view more images from this investigation.

Our Class Assembly

 Ancient Egyptian fun!

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Homework and Home Learning

Homework for Friday 1st December – 
Pyramidsmachine, quiche, champagne, brochure, parachute, chalet, Charlotte, Michelle, charade, moustache
Pharaohs: 1) about, again, boy, girl, call, called, here, back
                       2) people, because, could, would, should, other, another, laugh
Sphinxes and Mummies: chef, chic, machine, chute, parachute, chalet, Charlotte, Michelle, charade, moustache

Times Tables: These need to be learned so that you are able to answer questions speedily and out of sequence. 

Year 3: 8 x table

Year 4: 8 x table

There is an additional paper based homework task this week about making up your own maths number problems.

 Remember to check the Active Learn website to see if you have been given any new games to play!

Reading Rewards

Reading rewards for the Autumn Term 2017

As always, we continue to encourage the children to read at home and to have their book signed by an adult at least 3 times per week. For every 4 weeks that your child has reached the home reading target, they can choose a small reward. There are lots of goodies on offer!

This term, the reading record books will be checked every Thursday for our records.

Keep up the good work and let us know if you have read a really good book!