elm-leafWelcome to Elm Class Years 3 & 4

Teachers: Mrs R Saunders and Mrs E Lewis
Teaching Assistants: Mrs E Young, Mrs Z Dycer and Mrs J Jeffery

Welcome back!

We hope the children have all enjoyed their first few days in Elm Class. Our termly booklet is coming home on Friday 8th September, which will tell you lots of information about our plans for this term. Don’t forget to check the website for updates also. We have lots of exciting things planned!

Our Andy Warhol Prints

In Elm Class we have been learning about the artist Andy Warhol. We have looked at various famous paintings of his and used paints, sketching pencils and colouring pens to design and recreate our own take on these. For our final piece, the children chose a celebrity and traced their face. The children then used this tracing to draw onto some foam to create an indent and then drew the picture in more detail, ensuring they were making enough of an indent. We used bright acrylic paints for a background and then the children either used a roller or a paintbrush to paint onto their piece of foam, before printing onto a contrasting colour. The children worked very hard on this piece of art and if you look at our gallery, you will see the finished product. They did a fantastic job creating their own ‘Pop Art!’ Well done Elm Class!

Au revoir les amis francais!

What a fantastic couple of days with our French pen pals. The gallery shows pictures from our trip to Sherborne, along with some of the activities in school. We played some great sport, made friendship bracelets and learned about each other’s schools and ways of life. I hope the children enjoyed it all as much as the staff!

Our Andy Warhol Prints


KS 2 French visit (please click for full image if necessary)

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Homework and Home Learning

Homework for Friday 22nd September – 
Pyramids: forget, forgetting, begin, beginning, prefer, preferred, garden, gardening, limit, limited
Pharaohs: they, you, your, going, all, about, after, come
Sphinxes and Mummies: get, getting, forget, forgetting, shop, shopping, begin, beginning, put, putting

Times Tables: These need to be learned so that you are able to answer questions speedily and out of sequence. 

Year 3: 5 x table

Year 4: 8 x table

There is an additional paper task to complete about verbs.

 Remember to check the Active Learn website to see if you have been given any new games to play!




Reading Rewards

Reading rewards for the Autumn Term 2017

As always, we continue to encourage the children to read at home and to have their book signed by an adult at least 3 times per week. For every 4 weeks that your child has reached the home reading target, they can choose a small reward. There are lots of goodies on offer!

This term, the reading record books will be checked every Thursday for our records.

Keep up the good work and let us know if you have read a really good book!