elm-leafWelcome to Elm Class Years 3 & 4

Teachers: Mrs R Saunders and Mrs E Lewis
Teaching Assistants: Mrs E Young and Mr T Cuff

Welcome to the Spring Term!

Welcome back to school after what we hope was a lovely Christmas holiday for everyone. This term our topic is moving on from the Romans to the Anglo-Saxons, and what evidence there is in the UK of their invasion. Our termly booklet will be on the website only this term, to save paper and printing. It has been a great first week with lots of exciting things planned this term!

Didn’t they do well?

We are all extremely proud of how well the children spoke so clearly and remembered their lines in our class assembly this week. They all looked fantastic in their Ancient Roman clothing too. The food tasting was good fun and we learned more about Roman numerals. There are a selection of photos in the galleries. Well done Elm Class!

Happy Half Term!

Footie Footie 2

Elm Class have finished the week with a lovely afternoon of Footie for Dorset in the autumn sunshine. We hope everyone has a fantastic half term. If you have the opportunity, please collect and bring in card (etc.) for making Roman shields in the following weeks.

Elm Class Ancient Romans Fun

Elm Class Ancient Romans Assembly

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Homework and Home Learning

 Spellings :- To learn for Thursday 17th January
Year 3: gym, hymn, syrup, myth, crystal, gypsy, mystery, symbol
Year 4: gym, hymn, syrup, myth, crystal, gypsy, mystery, symbol, oxygen, typical

Times Tables :- For Thursday 17th January

Y3: 6 x table

Y4: You will be tested on all of the times tables, so keep practising those you are unsure of.


 There is an additional piece of homework this week about Anglo-Saxon runes.

Reading Rewards

Reading rewards for the Autumn Term 2018

We continue to encourage the children to read at home and to have their book signed by an adult at least 3 times per week. For every 4 weeks that your child has reached the home reading target, they can choose a small reward. There are lots of goodies on offer.

Reading record books are checked every Thursday for our records. We will remind the children to give in their books, but you can help at home by prompting the children before school on Thursday mornings – thank you. This should help develop independence as the year progresses.

Let us know if you have read a really good book!