Class Charters

Acorn Class Charter

acorn class charter image

School statement: Treat each other as you would like to be treated.
Please review the class charter with your child.

This will help our class and school be a happy and safe place to be.

Beech Class Charter

We created this charter by listening to different ideas and working together.

In Beech class, everyone is treated in the same way.

We all have the same rights and responsibilities.

Our rights

To work as a team.

To use equipment for work and play.

To share ideas and opinions.

To enjoy a classroom with our friends and teachers.

Our responsibilities

To listen to everyone’s ideas and be quiet when others are working.

To use it properly and put it away safely and tidily.

To think before we speak, wait for our turn by putting our hands up and make sure we don’t hurt people’s feelings.

To have good manners and treat others with respect.

Elm Class Charter

Rights and Responsibilities

Chosen by Elm class Autumn term 2015

  • To learn with fun and exciting lessons
  • To play with friends
  • To have a lovely school
  • To be listened to
  • To be safe

The responsibility to try hard and to listen

The responsibility to be friendly to others

The responsibility to look after your school and equipment

The responsibility to help others learn and not to distract them

The responsibility to be kind to others

Oak Class Charter

  • You have the right to have learning that is fun and the responsibility  to avoid being silly or stop others learning
  • You have the right to be respected and treated well  and the responsibility to respect and treat others well
  • You have the right to use school equipment and the responsibility to take care of it